Difficulties in selling men’s shoes online

There are many business people today choosing southwestern shoes to trade. However, this is an extremely competitive field and not every business has an advantage. Therefore, you need to understand certain difficulties to get separate steps in business. From there, get the most obvious business efficiency.

The southwestern shoe business is a very competitive market

The southwestern shoe business is a very competitive market

When the demand for goods increases, of course, more and more shops are born. Not only men’s shoe stores sprang up, but online shops sprang up a lot. This leads to a very competitive market.
Therefore, business people are not quick to grasp the trends and tastes of users, it is difficult to sell, and the inventory is certainly very high. In addition, business owners have limited capital, which makes entry difficult. And this will of course make it difficult to compete on price compared to competitors.

Difficulty in finding the source

In the shoe business, you may face difficulties in finding business sources. For this item, it requires buyers to have a source of quality goods but the price must be appropriate. It is difficult for business people to find an import address with a diverse source of goods. Or they will encounter inventory problems due to poor quality imports. This makes them incur additional costs of inventory management.

Lack of knowledge in online business

Lack of business knowledge is also extremely dangerous

With the form of selling online is not too difficult. However, not every product photo can be sold. Instead, it is necessary to have clear online business knowledge. That way, you can reach a larger audience.
Therefore, before embarking on an online business, you should equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about online business. Only then will you have your own success in business. The lack of knowledge when doing business online is extremely dangerous and it is certainly difficult for you to succeed.
In short, the southwestern shoe market is an extremely competitive market. But if you have enough experience and knowledge of online business. Guaranteed, you will succeed in the easiest way. Therefore, before starting a business, fully equip yourself with the necessary experience and knowledge.

Discover the unexpected benefits of boxing

Boxing is one of the sports that is quite new but brings people a lot of great benefits both in terms of physical and mental health. In addition, practicing boxing also helps people have more skills to protect themselves when encountering dangerous situations in daily life. So do you know the great benefits of boxing?

Boxing practice helps to train the whole body

Boxing helps to train the whole body

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When you practice boxing, you will have many opportunities to practice your arm muscles. Because you will have to practice diagonal punches, straight punches, bottom punches or hook punches. The remarkable point is that these boxing movements not only affect the arm muscles but also help people practice the whole body to the fullest.
In addition, when practicing boxing, you will be in a position with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. This is a standing position that requires boxers to have strength from their legs and core muscles. In this standing position, you will have to use your core muscles and arms, strength in your legs to rotate, as well as perform a strong enough basic punch.

Boxing practice helps eye-hand coordination

Boxing practice requires everyone to both control their hands to attack and to observe their target with the most accuracy. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to practice eye-hand coordination to be the most proficient.
This will help you react faster and better avoid obstacles in your daily life. This is one of the great benefits that you will receive when practicing boxing.

Boxing practice helps relieve stress

Boxing helps relieve stress

After a tiring and stressful day of studying and working, the powerful movements in boxing will help you relieve as well as dispel all the hardships. After relieving stress with punches into the sandbag, you will feel yourself more confident, strong and in control of your emotions.
Moreover, boxing also stimulates the body to release hormones that create positive emotions like other sports. These positive hormones will help you reduce pain, reduce stress, help you sleep well, protect your heart and enhance brain function, …

Boxing practice helps practice self-defense

The skills that you learn when practicing boxing help to train extremely well. At the same time, you can also apply these skills to real-life situations.
If you accidentally encounter dangerous situations such as being snatched or attacked on the road, you can use the kicks or punches you learned in boxing to defend yourself. This is an unexpected benefit that boxing brings to everyone.
Above are the great benefits you will get when practicing boxing. If you love this sport, start practicing today.

Footwear wholesale business – Difficulties and challenges

The footwear wholesale market is very active and bustling. Therefore, many startups are now looking to this field. However, this is not an easy field. Therefore, before entering the profession, young investors need to understand the difficulties and challenges that will come.

Initial difficulties when wholesale shoes

When starting a business, the first difficulty that probably everyone will encounter is business capital. Especially, for those who open a shop, the problem of capital is more complicated when they require a lot of capital and knowledge about each product.
In case, you do not have enough experience and understanding of all issues related to the wholesale footwear business, it will be even more difficult. Some of the difficulties you will face are sourcing, management experience, relationships, business premises and customer tastes.

Some risks to avoid when trading shoes

When you intend to do business in this field and have planned in detail and thoroughly, but inevitably, some risks such as:
The risk of inventory due to poor quality shoes, out of fashion over time will remain. For the clothing wholesale business, it is not necessary to have capital to be an effective business. Instead, you should manage that capital in the most reasonable way. Do not be greedy and enter the latest models.
Offering uncompetitive prices will make it difficult for you to attract customers. So offer a competitive and most suitable price.
Squeezing customers: In fact, there are many shoe businesses that often force customers to buy goods in an unsophisticated way. This causes the store to lose customers quickly. Therefore, when opening a store, you should remember not to force customers in any case.

The above are the difficulties and ways of doing business in wholesale footwear. Everyone should consult and draw their own experiences. Only then, your business will be most favorable. In addition, when doing business, everyone should also build for themselves the most perfect business plan.

Polish specialties you should not miss when traveling

Discovering a country’s cuisine when traveling there is something many people want to do, especially with the beautiful country of Poland. The culinary culture in this country is harmoniously blended between the cuisines of countries such as France, Italy, and Slovakia. The dishes here contain many different flavors that attract tourists. If you have the opportunity to travel here, you should not miss the following Polish specialties.

Sandwich Zapiekanka

Specialty food in Poland

Sandwich Zapiekanka is one of the specialties of Poland. Popular street food in Poland that you can find in any store. This is a very simple sandwich with half a baguette stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and some ingredients like meat, peppers, onions, etc. inside. Then it is sold and baked until the cheese inside is melted. Surely the taste of this dish will make you remember Poland forever.

Specialty Polish Bigos

When it comes to Polish specialties, we can’t help but mention Bigos, which is one of the most typical Polish dishes. When you see this dish, you will not be impressed because it is not decorated beautifully, but the taste of the dish will make you really impressed. The ingredients of this dish are all from simple ingredients, but through Polish processing, it will bring you an indescribable attraction. This dish is eaten every day at the meals of the people here.

Zurek Soup

The Zurek Soup has a unique and attractive flavor

If you have the opportunity to visit Poland or learn about this country on information sites, you will surely know that suo is indispensable. Zurek Sour is a combination of ingredients such as rye, mushrooms, flour, potatoes, sausages, boiled eggs. These ingredients are all fermented and then poured into empty bread. The taste of this dish is very special, when you finish the soup, eat the bread. All the flavors of the soup seeped into the bread shortly after, making the bread very flavorful as well.
If you have the opportunity to come to this beautiful country of Poland, remember to enjoy all these specialties. There are many more Polish specialties that we will share in the next articles. Follow our page to update useful information.

Housewarming pictures – A gift filled with love

When going to the housewarming celebration, usually people do not know what to choose to buy beautiful and meaningful gifts. One of the most chosen gifts is the housewarming picture. The paintings not only make the house space more polite, but they also carry many good feng-shui meanings.

Why should choose housewarming pictures?

Should choose a new home. Why?

In fact, there are many products and items to help you make gifts for the housewarming. However, painting is always the first choice of many people. Because they bring a lot of practical values ​​to the gift giver and the recipient.
Housewarming paintings can convey your good feelings to the homeowner. Because each picture has its own meaning.
Painting is practical by bringing the beauty of space in the house. This is something that any homeowner loves and chooses.
Easy to choose because pictures have many different lines and suitable for all needs of users.
The price is affordable with many different prices and very suitable for many economic conditions.
Painting lasts up to 10 years to help homeowners save a lot of costs for the beauty of the house.

How to choose a suitable housewarming picture

How to choose the most suitable painting

There are many different ways to choose suitable housewarming pictures. If you are someone close to the owner who understands their interests, you can choose according to their preferences.
In addition, you need to pay attention to the selection of paintings to match their house. In case you want to donate wall paintings but the person’s house is very large, you must choose the right size. If the house is big, choose a large size and vice versa.
In addition, you can also choose paintings according to the feng-shui field. Depending on each person’s destiny, choose the most suitable picture. With this method, it requires you to be knowledgeable and experienced in the field of feng shui.
Thus, the housewarming celebration will definitely be a very wonderful and meaningful gift. Therefore, you can choose paintings according to the preferences of the giver or according to issues related to feng shui.

Wholesale of Wólka kosowska odzież in Poland

The wholesalers take goods to exchange information through the online website system set up by Vietnamese people or they have a trade association that directly supports each other. With this business model, the sellers of Wólka kosowska odzież increasingly assert their prestige and brand name in Poland.

The situation of Italian clothing wholesale in wolka

Italian clothing wholesale is the most popular business sector of Vietnamese people in Wolka, thanks to the wholesale of Wólka kosowska odzież from major brands in Italy. It has built up the reputation and confidence of Vietnamese people in Indigenous Peoples.

Currently, some central markets and commercial areas for Vietnamese people in Poland such as ASG – the main center of Vietnamese people at EACC in the suburbs of Wolka Kosowska – Poland have built their own brands for the items for sale. Becoming the most prestigious wholesale shopping address for the retail provinces or local people, even some people in neighboring countries also import Vietnamese clothes in these commercial areas.

The above analysis is also enough to see the growth of the Vietnamese clothing trade here. There are many Vietnamese people who first moved to Poland to rely on Vietnamese people to trade like this. Many places of business, sales experience in Poland help them quickly settle into life, become the main source of income for the family, and soon cover the economic burden from home. If you are interested in  hurtownia odzieży włoskiej, Wolka is the best destination.

One third of Vietnamese in Poland choose to wholesale Italian clothes in wolka

What should be noted when getting wholesale women’s clothing?

The first thing you need to consider is sourcing women’s clothing for sale. Nowadays, you can choose to get Wólka kosowska odzież from a variety of sources such as wholesale markets, wholesale stores, garment factories … Anyway, you need to pay attention to choose quality sources. You need to update trends over time to find the right source. Do not choose to trade in outdated products that do not meet the needs of consumers. Among these sources, the hurtownia odzieży włoskiej at the wólka suburban shopping district is a must-see because the source of wholesale clothing from Italy always ensures quality, fashion and high aesthetics.

The next thing you need to consider is the place of business. The trend of commercialization and modernization has opened up to create a multitude of different business locations. You can choose from live, internet or a combination of the two. In particular, e-commerce sites appear more and more, you can choose to register as a seller on these pages to reach more potential customers.

If you open a store directly, you should choose to open in places with many customers passing by and open in the center. Only when you pick up a good location like buty wolka does your women’s clothing wholesale business quickly become a success.

Wólka kosowska odzież  (https://wolkahurt.pl/)

Also, do not forget to pay attention to the capital and finances that need to be spent to do business. If your finance is large, you can choose to do business in many different forms. Conversely, if you have limited capital, you should focus on advertising and merchandise. You should only do business within the available capital and should not expand your financial resources too much because it will be difficult to regain capital.

Not everyone knows the experience of sourcing wholesale

Online wholesale “where should I get the goods?” That is always the question of those who want to do business. Perhaps that is why the majority of online wholesalers often have little capital, choosing a good source will help them get a high competitive advantage. Therefore, in the following article, we will share our experiences of choosing wholesale online sources for your reference.

Endless online wholesale sources – Facebook

Facebook is an application that makes it easy for businesses to find quality supplies without much effort. In this social network, there are many fan pages, groups specializing in importing and wholesaling specific product niches.

Therefore, you can search by the keyword “Items + Wholesale price” on the search toolbar. Immediately a series of results will be displayed for your reference and choose the one that best suits your desires.

Facebook makes it easy for entrepreneurs to find quality supplies

Universal dictionary – Google

Google has always been viewed by users as an encyclopedia. Just wondering
what information, you just need to search on the search bar, Google will
immediately return a series of results.

If you want to search for a reputable online wholesale source, go to google and
search for the keyword “wholesale source / factory / wholesale price + product
name”. Then contact the address returned by Google.

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Tmall, 1688, Taobao

Tmall, 1688, Taobao is the most popular source for finding online wholesale
products on the market today. Business people do not have to spend much time
and money to go to China to choose goods.

They just need to visit 1 of the 3 famous websites above to find the goods they
want to trade. After that, they can choose a third party to transport goods from
China to Vietnam.

Tmall, 1688, Taobao is the most famous source for finding online wholesale

products on the market today

Rich sources of online sales – Shopee As many of you may not know, Shopee is not only famous for retail but also a supplier of wholesale products at competitive prices in the market. To find a source at Shopee, you just need to locate the source of the product you want to buy, then search and scroll through the front page to choose the exact source of
the product or with the product you want.

Above are some reputable online wholesale sources for your business to refer
and choose. Hope the above suggestions will help you get a reputable source of
sales and the most competitive price.
See more products sold here: https://www.butywolka.eu/produkty/obuwie-damskie.aspx, https://www.butywolka.eu/produkty/obuwie-męskie.aspx, https://www.butywolka.eu/produkty/obuwie-dziecięce.aspx .


Unlike European countries, the Vietnamese community in Poland is very well appreciated by the host country. Not only do they pay taxes, but they also coexist peacefully and legally, they also build a unique culture in Poland. 90% of Vietnamese are doing business in markets and trade centers, most notably tanie buty damskie hurtownia, and wholesale clothes and bags at obuwie wólka kosowska.

Is it easy to sell women’s shoes in Poland?

obuwie wólka kosowska is a place located on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. Here, there is The Business Center – bold Asian culture. The Vietnamese community concentrates on wholesaling in here is the largest. Therefore, newcomers to Poland will immediately see their own culture in Poland. Small traders here wholesaling shoes, clothes, fashion accessories … all come from big and long-standing dealers, this clue comes from manufacturers or distributors of Italy and Spain, transports through travel companies.

The obuwie wólka kosowska is very popular. Maybe Polish people walk a lot so their shoes are very old fast. Therefore, I have not seen any small trader that has left the inventory for more than 2 months and cannot sell it. New Italian footwear models are popular. Nearly 90% of Polish people walk in neighborhoods, markets, parks … at least tens of kilometers a day, so they do not need a good pair of shoes, because they can have many pairs, change alternate.

More and more people choose shoes to trade

Because of this habit, the obuwie wólka kosowska, besides constantly investing in new products, also carries out discounts, stimulating demand, opening more stores, linking with shops, fashion shops in other downtown areas. In particular, the online trade in women’s shoes

has also been promoted. Sitting at home ordering through online website, Facebook, twitter … nothing was easier.

Recently, more and more people are choosing as their main business activity. This also attracts newcomers. Fortunately, community here is very close, always supporting all matters of the rental location, documents and business sources, so the first stage is usually favorable.
Finally, the wholesalers in addition to wholesale women’s shoes, fashion clothes and accessories from Italy also support website opening activities, online trading, shipping … within the permitted scope.

Wólka Kosowska and clothing wholesale Italy

As you know, 2020 was a year of turmoil due to the epidemic. However, the Italian clothing trading community at Wólka Kosowska in Poland has remained strong and has had many prosperous steps. A good example is Polish clothing dealers who have formed business associations that support the stock, location, and capital together. As a result, large stores or small stalls in the shopping center are still busy with customers.

How is the situation of Italian clothing wholesale in Poland?

Mr. Hung specialized hurtownia odzieży włoskiej said: “The longtime wholesalers support small traders to source the goods, they can take the goods first, which they can pay in installments, reducing the pressure on the focal point. Clothing, shoes and bags from Italy, due to the epidemic, were restricted, but due to the association of many small traders, there were still enough new models
to sell. Currently, the epidemic has been better controlled, so the wholesale starts to stabilize ”. This is also the general situation of the commercial centers, the clothing and fashion markets in Poland at this time.

If you are a longtime clothing wholesaler of Italia, France, … in Poland, then you will surely know the current situation very well. In order to supply enough clothes, shoes, fashion accessories in recent months, in addition to mobilizing all capital to get large shipments, it is necessary to have a long-term, solid relationship with traders in the host country. Luckily, everything was favorable, the small trader still has enough stock, enough new models and quantity of goods to display at their store.

How to start wholesaling in Poland?

From now until the end of the year, the demand for fashion clothes is expected to increase even higher. But since 2 months ago, the consignment has planned and worked with suppliers to ensure timely delivery. Hopefully, the people who wholesale fashion clothes in Poland will join forces to overcome this difficult period.

If anyone needs to wholesale Italia clothing at Wólka Kosowska or elsewhere in Poland, you can contact for assistance . In addition to introducing good sources of goods, reasonable prices and good quality, also help small traders find business locations that are convenient for transportation and cheap to rent. Especially when you join associations or groups, the Vietnamese business community in Poland, you will be supported with all matters so it is very helpful for newcomers. “Better a neighbor near than a brother far off” – to those who live far from the countryside and meet people from the same countryside, the help is nothing more valuable.