Polish specialties you should not miss when traveling

Discovering a country’s cuisine when traveling there is something many people want to do, especially with the beautiful country of Poland. The culinary culture in this country is harmoniously blended between the cuisines of countries such as France, Italy, and Slovakia. The dishes here contain many different flavors that attract tourists. If you have the opportunity to travel here, you should not miss the following Polish specialties.

Sandwich Zapiekanka

Specialty food in Poland

Sandwich Zapiekanka is one of the specialties of Poland. Popular street food in Poland that you can find in any store. This is a very simple sandwich with half a baguette stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and some ingredients like meat, peppers, onions, etc. inside. Then it is sold and baked until the cheese inside is melted. Surely the taste of this dish will make you remember Poland forever.

Specialty Polish Bigos

When it comes to Polish specialties, we can’t help but mention Bigos, which is one of the most typical Polish dishes. When you see this dish, you will not be impressed because it is not decorated beautifully, but the taste of the dish will make you really impressed. The ingredients of this dish are all from simple ingredients, but through Polish processing, it will bring you an indescribable attraction. This dish is eaten every day at the meals of the people here.

Zurek Soup

The Zurek Soup has a unique and attractive flavor

If you have the opportunity to visit Poland or learn about this country on information sites, you will surely know that suo is indispensable. Zurek Sour is a combination of ingredients such as rye, mushrooms, flour, potatoes, sausages, boiled eggs. These ingredients are all fermented and then poured into empty bread. The taste of this dish is very special, when you finish the soup, eat the bread. All the flavors of the soup seeped into the bread shortly after, making the bread very flavorful as well.
If you have the opportunity to come to this beautiful country of Poland, remember to enjoy all these specialties. There are many more Polish specialties that we will share in the next articles. Follow our page to update useful information.