Unlike European countries, the Vietnamese community in Poland is very well appreciated by the host country. Not only do they pay taxes, but they also coexist peacefully and legally, they also build a unique culture in Poland. 90% of Vietnamese are doing business in markets and trade centers, most notably tanie buty damskie hurtownia, and wholesale clothes and bags at obuwie wólka kosowska.

Is it easy to sell women’s shoes in Poland?

obuwie wólka kosowska is a place located on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. Here, there is The Business Center – bold Asian culture. The Vietnamese community concentrates on wholesaling in here is the largest. Therefore, newcomers to Poland will immediately see their own culture in Poland. Small traders here wholesaling shoes, clothes, fashion accessories … all come from big and long-standing dealers, this clue comes from manufacturers or distributors of Italy and Spain, transports through travel companies.

The obuwie wólka kosowska is very popular. Maybe Polish people walk a lot so their shoes are very old fast. Therefore, I have not seen any small trader that has left the inventory for more than 2 months and cannot sell it. New Italian footwear models are popular. Nearly 90% of Polish people walk in neighborhoods, markets, parks … at least tens of kilometers a day, so they do not need a good pair of shoes, because they can have many pairs, change alternate.

More and more people choose shoes to trade

Because of this habit, the obuwie wólka kosowska, besides constantly investing in new products, also carries out discounts, stimulating demand, opening more stores, linking with shops, fashion shops in other downtown areas. In particular, the online trade in women’s shoes

has also been promoted. Sitting at home ordering through online website, Facebook, twitter … nothing was easier.

Recently, more and more people are choosing as their main business activity. This also attracts newcomers. Fortunately, community here is very close, always supporting all matters of the rental location, documents and business sources, so the first stage is usually favorable.
Finally, the wholesalers in addition to wholesale women’s shoes, fashion clothes and accessories from Italy also support website opening activities, online trading, shipping … within the permitted scope.