Wólka Kosowska and clothing wholesale Italy

As you know, 2020 was a year of turmoil due to the epidemic. However, the Italian clothing trading community at Wólka Kosowska in Poland has remained strong and has had many prosperous steps. A good example is Polish clothing dealers who have formed business associations that support the stock, location, and capital together. As a result, large stores or small stalls in the shopping center are still busy with customers.

How is the situation of Italian clothing wholesale in Poland?

Mr. Hung specialized hurtownia odzieży włoskiej said: “The longtime wholesalers support small traders to source the goods, they can take the goods first, which they can pay in installments, reducing the pressure on the focal point. Clothing, shoes and bags from Italy, due to the epidemic, were restricted, but due to the association of many small traders, there were still enough new models
to sell. Currently, the epidemic has been better controlled, so the wholesale starts to stabilize ”. This is also the general situation of the commercial centers, the clothing and fashion markets in Poland at this time.

If you are a longtime clothing wholesaler of Italia, France, … in Poland, then you will surely know the current situation very well. In order to supply enough clothes, shoes, fashion accessories in recent months, in addition to mobilizing all capital to get large shipments, it is necessary to have a long-term, solid relationship with traders in the host country. Luckily, everything was favorable, the small trader still has enough stock, enough new models and quantity of goods to display at their store.

How to start wholesaling in Poland?

From now until the end of the year, the demand for fashion clothes is expected to increase even higher. But since 2 months ago, the consignment has planned and worked with suppliers to ensure timely delivery. Hopefully, the people who wholesale fashion clothes in Poland will join forces to overcome this difficult period.

If anyone needs to wholesale Italia clothing at Wólka Kosowska or elsewhere in Poland, you can contact for assistance . In addition to introducing good sources of goods, reasonable prices and good quality, also help small traders find business locations that are convenient for transportation and cheap to rent. Especially when you join associations or groups, the Vietnamese business community in Poland, you will be supported with all matters so it is very helpful for newcomers. “Better a neighbor near than a brother far off” – to those who live far from the countryside and meet people from the same countryside, the help is nothing more valuable.